Who am I?

The guy on the picture, it is me. And you are presently on my blog.

My name is Antoine, in my life I studied to have a master in IT domain and I built a cat’s complex based on Mario’s theme.
I am presently traveling around Canada to improve my English, meet some interesting people and open my mind to the world. I hope that it could bring me some professional opportunities too.

You are maybe wondering “why is he doing this website?”, and if it is the case, I will answer you:

1. I like to travel, but I loose a lot of time to plan or determine which activities or things to visit. And because I am an altruist, I think that I could give you some ideas about things to see, do or eat.

2. Maybe you have already noted: this blog is bilingual. My native language is French and I hope that if I write articles in the Shakespeare’s language, it could help me to improve my English.

3. I am learning to do photography, so I see this blog as a way to broadcast my work and I think that your criticism will be probably more cutting than my self-esteem.


Who comes with me?

This guy is my friend, Valentin. He doesn’t realize for the time but he will have to support me during more than 7 months for a road trip around Canada.

He was my classmate, my colleague and then my neighbor.

He is more down-to-earth than me and he is an essential asset for my survival in the hostile environment.

Anyway, I have the feeling that we will form a good team together!



And the road trip?

As explained, it will take place in Canada and in a part of the USA. We will start with Vancouver, which is located in the west of Canada and progressively reach the Maritimes provinces, at the east. We will start in June and finish in New York in December.

    To travel in a cheaper way, we plan to do some Helpx. This is a concept which allows you to be hosted and fed in exchange of 4 or 5 hours of works by hosts who are looking for help. It could be organic farms, nonorganic or just private individuals who desire help for a renovation project.

    If you want to follow our advance, you can consult our calendar displayed in several places on this website.

    What more?

    To conclude, I will offer you a citation of the Kaamelott TV show, which resumes the situation:

    Nous sommes jeunes et nous marchons à pieds, j’opterais donc pour un nom en rapport : les Petits Pédestres !

    You have to learn French to understand now ! haha